Oh you know you like it! 1 of a kind awesome piece in the Shop now!

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YUP! Trips, blips, bloopers n bits to come! Here’s one from last Christmas!

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Autograph Pic of Van. Or Bigfoot..we’re not sure which…

Autographed to you, or whoever you may like me to sign it for. Example: “Please sign “To Aunt Betty, Ya makin me Sweaty. Bon Voyagi! Van.” Hi-Gloss 8.5 x11″ Promo pic. IN shop. ©2019 GO TO SHOP HERE

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If you would like to Make an Offer on this piece please use this form with your offer in the message section. I will get back to you within a pretty good time frame to let you know if your offer was accepted, or if … Continue readingETHRA

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Frozen GSO Guitar Bid!

While searching the frozen seas in search of the lost Ghost Ship Octavius, we found this floating amongst a herd of iceberg. Perhaps it’s a clue of what happened to the ship. If you stare deep the Ice ghosts appear in the icy waves! A … Continue readingFrozen GSO Guitar Bid!

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“The Vision” Limited to 35!

First one of a limited series of images that I created by mirroring part of my paintings I find myself staring into a parallel dimension! Only 35 of each printed! Available in the Store now!

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I like to make birdhouses that look like guitars and drums…. want one?Where only the Coolest birds live! More to come!!